The history

La storia di ItalgreenSynthetic turf grows here,in the historical Italgreen factory, in Villa d’Adda, where since 1983 the first “Made in Italy” synthetic turf has been tufted. Today, thanks to ongoing research and continuous technological innovation, Italgreen is one of the most important industries in synthetic turf business. One thing never changed: always develop and propose new products;old winning challenge, aimed:

  • To face future challenges with innovative solutions at the cutting edge;
  • To always look forward and innovate in worldwide synthetic turf market;
  • To anticipate future rends and be prepared for new opportunities and challenges.

In order to follow this philosophy Italgreen has built a modern organization, “customer satisfaction focused”, ISO 9001 certified since 2000, always tested materials and audited processes but also new products certifications every year..

Italgreen, thanks to strong experience in synthetic turf business, is now able to understand all client needs and propose customized solutions able to fully comply with every special request.

This philosophy always allowed Italgreen to reach important worldwide targets and to score important excellence goals:

  • No penalty taxes on field construction
  • Record time in field construction;
  • No judgments with clients and suppliers;
  • Construction of more than 1/3rd of LND approved fields in Italy;
  • First company installing artificial turf in an official Italian SERIE A stadium, Novara FC, August 2010;


Le sedi di ItalgreenSynthetic turf grows here, in the historical Italgreen factory in Villa d’Adda, first Italgreen production plant where the first synthetic turf surfaces have been manufactured, the place where Italgreen success was born.

The new Italgreen plant, located at 11 Crusnigo street, covers 12,000 square meters area, entirely football oriented. Offices, R&D laboratories and high technology equipments.

The new area, aimed to grant Italgreen the best logistic efficiency and the most modern design host innovative and attractive commercial and xecutive offices, meeting rooms for conferences and corporate events like Customers Day: the new plant also offersshowroom, laboratoryfor testing new materials,warehouse and finally guest apartments, able to receive and host customers interested to better know Italgreen world.

The new logistic warehouse consists of 16.000 square meters area. This represents one of the strongest Italgreen investments in terms of logistics, storage and transport, but also in terms of energy savings: actual economical situation always demands strong attention on environmental aspects, Italgreen is conscious and proud to follow this path, respecting people, environment and worldwide rules.

Italgreen during its life invested a lot in order to become more and more worldwide competitive; Italgreen Iberica represents the last plant set up by our headquarters in order to directly enter into Spanish market, following the positive experience in Italian market, and to strengthen its position developed since 2006 Spain represents one of the most important markets in the history of Italgreen SPA.

The new Italgreen Ibericaheadquarters are located in Gaona, close to Albacete; here we have 100 square meters office space, equipped to match our customer requests.


MANAGEMENTDirector General
Maurizio Gilardi
Director General
Sergio Pennati
Managing Director
Rossana Biffi
Fabrizio Cesaroni
Public Relations
Alessandro Pelizzi
Federica Lombardi
COMMERCIALCommercial Director
Danilo Albani Rocchetti
Head of Foreign
Nicola Ravelli
Head of Marketing
Daniele Gilardi
Sales Italy
Elisabeth Corti
Export Sales
Valentina Losa
SECRETARIATMarta Locatelli
Elda Maffeis
TECHNICALTechnical Director
Matteo Turani
Production Manager
Carlo Landoni
Luca Colombo
Purchasing Office
Silvia Mazzoleni
Riccardo Gambirasio