Italgreen and CONI, now rugby pitch is in synthetic turf

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The most known synthetic turf use, surely is in the football world. However many others sports can benefit from this type of turf, one of the most is rugby. This sport in Italy is becoming more and more popular, in these years Italgreen has studied innovative solutions to ensure players perfect pitches in spite of constant and massive pounding.

The project for synthetic turf rugby pitch

The Bergamo’s company won a tender to realize two rugby pitches into Federal Olympic Training Center “Giulio Onesti” in Rome. This center is proprety of CONI and represent a symbol of Parioli district in italian capital, here there is space for several sports: from football to volleyball, from rugby to gym, until you get to handball, baseball, softball and many others.

erba sintetica rugby coni

The synthetic turf system

Built in 1954, it has found new light thanks to an overall intervention involving Italgreen; a great business card for the portfolio of the Bergamo company that, where you can find, among other things, the references of CUS Pisa Rugby, the Do bessa of Porto, Lainate Rugby, Ancona Palombare and many more.

For the “Giulio Onesti” has been installed a 62 Double 4 synthetic turf with Geofill natural infill, antishock pad and innovative ECOgreen coating technology, making the synthetic system totally recyclable, a tangible sign of the studies and the progress made in research and development from the Villa d’Adda company. Italgreen has designed the best solutions to ensure maximum absorption of shock and abrasion from falling, thanks to a comfortable and performing synthetic turf surface.

CONI erba sintetica rugby roma

The development of synthetic turf recognized at the highest levels (approved by the International Rugby Board and the Rugby Italian Federation) derive not only from many years of experience but also from the continuous and direct confrontation with those who live in the first the rugby world, coaches and professional players who, thanks to their feedback, have allowed Italgreen to excel in this field.

The rugby playground inside the “Giulio Onesti” Center is a perfect showcase for living the emotions with the spectators of the oval ball.

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