Italgreen is a company born and living in Villa d’Adda (Italy), manufacturing since 1983 synthetic turf 100% made in Italy.

R & D, innovation and quality are the main features that, in more than 30 years, have made Italgreen the leader in synthetic turf business, a quality landmark for sport federations, football clubs, professional and amateur, the main Italian company providing customers with full service, from the synthetic turf production till the installation.

Our long experience in the business and focus on innovative specialties represent the real warranty of high longterm performances. Italgreen, indeed, invest a lot of energies to expand and improve the efficiency of our production plant based 100% in Italy: we pay particular attention in testing internally our finished products, in order to perfectly comply with the demanding expectations of every single local FA.

Since year 2000 Italgreen is proud to be ISO-9001 certified, customer satisfaction oriented, aimed to get the company comply in full with worldwide standards, offering customized solutions. As result of our R&D, Italgreen offers today a huge product range for sport fields, each with innovative specifications, allowing Italgreen to collect international prestige goals.

– Quality certifications released by LND, Labosport, SGS, QS and FIFA;

– During the first 15 years activity Italgreen has obtained the domestic market leadership, installing more than 1/3 of LND fields in Italy;

– Italgreen has been furthermore the first company installing an official stadium surface for an Italian SERIE A & B club, Novara FC, the first company in the business installing an 100% recyclable field in Italy, testing according to FIGC and FIR standards.


Synthetic turf grows here

Synthetic turf grows here, in the historic Italgreen factory, in Villa d’Adda, where since 1983 the first “Made in Italy” synthetic turf system has been tufted. Today, thanks to ongoing research and continuous technological innovation, Italgreen is one of the most important industries active in synthetic turf business. One thing never changed: the desire to always develop and propose new products; old winning challenge, thought to face the future with state of the art solutions.


With the aim to support its own philosophy Italgreen commit on the marketplace by a modern business model that by years 2.000 is working on a certified ISO-9001 contest, oriented on “customer satisfaction”, with continuous controls on materials and works, grant by the most recent certifications on new products.
Customer support, based on suggesting proper products, according to the market trend, project design and delivery of the whole system: Italgreen collects the customer requirements and proposes customized solutions able to grant the total satisfaction.

This path has allowed Italgreen to distinguish in synthetic turf business, collecting important worldwide references.

Installation of more than 1/3 of the fields LND certified since 2002, design and installation of the 1st synthetic turf field for a club in the main league, Italian SERIE A, Novara FC in 2010, construction and testing of the first 100% recyclable pitch, FIGC and IRB certified (Campo Pieroni – La Spezia, Stroby in Denmark).




Synthetic turf grows here, at the historical  plant manufacture of Italgreen SPA, Via Molinetto, Villa d’Adda, where the first synthetic turf rolls have been tufted in 1983, here where there is a piece of history made by Italgreen in the worldwide synthetic turf business.

The new Italgreen plant is installed at Villa d’Adda, Via Crusnigo, covering 12.000 sqm surface, entirely dedicated to sport products. Offices, R & D labs and state of the art machineries for the most efficient production capacity. In the new plant built up to grant the optimum in terms of logistic efficiency and innovative architectural design, there are conference rooms, to create the right atmosphere for sales and marketing events like Italgreen customer day; the new plant hosts a gorgeous showroom, the Italgreen lab to pre-test new materials, a raw material warehouse and some apartments able to host clients  interested to see how our products are growing.

Our logistic warehouse was born in Terno d’Isola, Via delle Brughiere, it’s a brand new plant covering 16.000 square meters area, in which Italgreen has invested a lot for storing finished products and raw materials, even in terms of energy savings; today modern world imposes in fact particular care to environmental issues, sensitive item in Italgreen R & D lab in both products and assets.


High quality process for every system components

Italgreen always pretends the highest quality in every production step, from the extrusion of the yarn until the finished tufted product, monitoring every single phase of our supply chain.

Today, thanks to years strong research and technological innovation Italgreen is market leader awarded worldwide as state of the art manufacturer of innovative products, for a greener world.

immagini-azienda-lavorazione-italgreen12.000 sqm plants entirely dedicated to production of synthetic turf for football: Italgreen offers wide product range able to fulfill the requirements of every single markets. From classic products till the most innovative, Italgreen has developed solutions suitable for every kind of surface dimension, suitable to be installed in hot or cold weathers, humid or dry.

For what is concerned with the best seller products, three in particular have obtained a very positive outcome: Xtender, Lesmo Tricolor e Double T.

Xtender pro and Lesmo, the most appealed products are made of an exclusive polymer, enabling turf to perfectly perform in terms of softness, resistance, playing performances, aesthetics and resilience, for the highest elastic memory during every single playing phase.

Double T is an innovative product, patented by Italgreen, made of two different yarns, tufted at two different  heights: the lowest is sturdy and fibrillated, supporting the highest one, soft and made of double colour


For every product ranges it is possible to use an innovative natural infill, patented by Italgreen SPA, Geofill. It is made of granules composed mainly of natural fibers and minerals resistant to aging and weather exposure, not allowing any weeds germination and climate exposition. Geofill® doesn’t produce any kind of mud, granting maximum stability for players during the game and no infill splash after ball bounce, not releasing any bad odors, keeping the surface fresh even at high temperatures.

Double T is an exclusive product  made of different fibers and tufted at two different heights: lower pile made of stiff fibrillated fiber to support the highest one, softer  and performing.

Italgreen exports quality and innovation since 1983, Geofill® is part of our innovative package, tested in combination with every system part of Italgreen top quality product range. Made essentially of natural fibers, resistant to wearing and aging in every weather conditions, Geofill® is recognized as the best performing natural infill, reducing every risk linked to player skin abrasion and granting at the same time perfect stability for athletes during the game, key advantages:

– No abrasion for players

– No bad smell, even in hot weather conditions

– Ball performances close to the best natural pitches

– The optimum stability for players

– No infill splash

– Heating issue will be part of FIFA 2015 quality concepts: Geofill enables turf to maintain correct temperatures and players friendly conditions

Staff Italgreen

Direction General Direction
Maurizio Gilardi
General Direction
Sergio Pennati
Marketing & Sales
Daniele Gilardi
Administrative Direction
Rossana Biffi
Commercial Commercial Director
Stefano Frione
Export Sales
Nicola Ravelli
Export Sales
Michele Biffi
Public Relationship
Fabrizio Cesaroni
Technical Technical director
Matteo Turani
Progettazione e Cantieristica
Riccardo Gambirasio
Luca Colombo
Massimo Rota
Production manager
Carlo Landoni
Purchasing department
Federica Lombardi
Silvia Mazzoleni
Administration & secretary Administration 
Licia Biffi
Alessandro Torri
Alessandro Pelizzi
General Secretary 
Elda Maffeis
Italian Secretary
Elisabeth Corti
Marta Locatelli
Export Secretary
Valentina Losa


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