The first gaming system hybrid synthetic / natural by Italgreen

PowerGrass® is grass reinforced with artificial turf, an innovative project for sport fields constructions, environmental friendly, practising the Green Economy concept. PowerGrass® combines quality and savings,it is a revolutionary project that will soon change the way sports fields will be realized.

PowerGrass is an innovative patent for sports surfaces and playgrounds that allows you to solve all the problems of hybrid systems while offering greater ease of installation, increased efficiency and durability, simplification and reduction of maintenance and a significant reduction of costs.






1) Natural Grass

2) Synthetic Turf

3) Special support (backing) artificial turf

4) Infill Geofill / Sand

5) Grass roots grows through the layer of Geofill

6) Floor draining stabilized

7) Existing soil



The roots of the natural grass through the support (backing) of the artificial turf and anchor themselves to it, significantly increasing the resistance to tearing.

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