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It is ranked second among the synthetic turf stadiums in the overall ranking of Serie B stadiums.

After a year’s of championship on the official playground, Team Captains, Coaches, Television Production Service and LNPB Representative expressed the verdict, deciding on the excellent result achieved by the turf made by Italgreen. The ranking was created in the light of the votes expressed for each match and the proclamation took place during the B-Best Awards night: the Gran Gala closing of the Serie B season.

erba sintetica

Synthetic turf system of Partenio

The Partenio-Lombardi stadium is the largest in Italy with synthetic turf playground. During the summer of 2016, Italgreen had completed the installation of a unique revolutionary synthetic system, made by “Double4” synthetic turf with patented organic Geofill N.

Built in 1971, the Partenio can accommodate nearly 30,000 viewers and with the work done by ‘ The Bergamo company has reached a major goal qualifying as a futuristic design thanks to the hybrid system certified by the most important national and international institutes – LND and FIFA: a unique solution on the world market in terms of technology and performance.

The Ranking

The synthetic turf pitch of Avellino closes the season among the best of its category, totaling a score of 3.7, with a breath of distance from the 3.9 obtained from Trapani, ranked first.

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